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YO!!! This is the FULL WALKTHROUGH on how to get "Arch Doomknight" from Ancient Doomknight in /join shadowvault THIS is one of the more HARDER Farming Quest to do!, But it's still manageable! Head over to Ancient Doomknight and accept his quest, he has 4 quests. The quests are "Gathering Power" "Death's Door" "Chaotic Lords" "A Means to and End" Gathering power you need to "Undead Energy" in /join doomwood , "Human Souls" in /join nexustower , and "Dragon Energy" in /join lair. The Death's Door Quest you need to travel to /join shadowattack and fight "Death" until he drops "Death's Power" and "Souls of the Dead". Chaotic Lords quest you need to travel EVERYWHERE!! To get "Escherion Helm" go to /join escherion and fight "escherion". To get "Chaotic Power" it drops from EVERY CHAOS LORD! To get "Legendary Sword of Dragon Control" go to /join stalagbite and fight "Vath". To get "Wolfwing armor" go to /join wolfwing and fight "Wolfwing". To get "Xiang Chaos" go to /join mirrorportal and fight "Chaos Lord Xiang". To get "Chaos Lionfang Armor" go to /join stormtemple and fight "Chaos Lord Lionfang". To get "Chaorrupted Hourglass" go to /join timespace and fight "Chaos Lord Iadoa". To get "Shorn Chaos King Crown" go to /join swordhavenhavenfalls and fight "Chaos Lord Alteon". To get "Ledgermayne (armor)" go to /join ledgermanye and fight "Ledgermayne". To get "One Eyed Doll Breaker" go to /join palooza and fight "Kimberly". To get "Tibicenas (armor)" go to /join djinn and fight "Tibicenas". To get "Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade" go to /join kitsune and fight "Kitsune". To get "Drakath's Sword" go to /join ultradrakath and fight "Champion of Chaos". To get "Soul of Chaos Armor" go to /join dreamnexus and fight "Khasaanda". The LAST QUEST: (A Means to an End) /join shadowfallwar for "Ultimate Darkness Gem". "Neccro Scroll of Dark Arts" drops from "Ultra Vorded" in /join epicvordred . For "Dark Heart" head over to /join sepulchurebattle and fight "Ultra Sepulchure". To get "Dread Knight Cleaver" /join sepulchure and fight "Dark Sepulchure". For "Reaper's Soul" go to /join thevoid and fight "Reaper". For "Desolich's Undead Eye" head over to /join desolich and fight "Desolich". ALL THE SET IS: "Arch DoomKnight Cape" "Arch DoomKnight Cape Sword" "Arch DoomKnight Polearm" "Arch DoomKnight Sword" "Arch DoomKnight's Edge" "Arch DoomKnight" "Arch DoomKnight Open Helm" "Arch DoomKnight Helm". I hope you all have a good time farming!!

Ancient Doomknight's Quests

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(If you're reading this, I hope you get the set!!)
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