AQW /join borgars Full Walkthrough + All New Shop Items! | New Table Flipper Char Page Badge!

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AQW /join borgars full walkthrough and quest guide! AQW Yulgars quests /join borgars! AQW New Merge Shop items /join borgars! AQW New Featured gear! AQW New Char Page Badge! AQW New Table Flipper Char Page badge! AQW How to get table flipper char page badge! AQW Full quest guide and walkthrough at /join borgars and other areas!

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The Quests:
"Beef up" "Creamy!" "Sacchar imp!" "Salty Balboa" "Fillet o fishwing" "Burglingsters revenge" "A potion master" "A weird gourmet" "Piece of cake" "The cake is not a lie" "A health nut" "The importance of staying healthy" "an aspring burgermomonger"

The NPC:
Granola Twig
Cake In-Between time

The Maps:
/join borgars
/join extinction
/join battlefowl
/join freakitiki
/join mountain path
/join pirates
/join arcangrove
/join thespan
/join portalmaze
/join brightfortress

So we are starting Discord events in the GoonKnights Server! These will include giveaways and more! They will be for certain objectives - competitions or char page entries! Come join us to find out more and join in!

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