BATTLE | Brave Valkyrie .Ev' 2A VS Lord Spriggan .Bl.Dm' | Beyblade Burst Sparking/Superking

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Everyone was SUPER HYPED when we saw Shu in the original Beyblade Burst Sparking poster, showing one of the most popular characters returning. His new Spriggan Bey hasn't been fully revealed quite yet, but that won't stop us from testing the new Brave Valkyrie against Beyblade Burst GT's Spriggan Bey, Lord Spriggan. There was also no confirmation on who actually used Lord Spriggan in Beyblade Burst GT, but the Spriggan Bey was too popular of a character to exclude it from the lineup of toys. Brave Valkyrie may have the latest and greatest Beyblade Burst systems to enhance its performance, but Lord Spriggan is still one of the best stock combos that you can buy. As you can tell from this battle, they're a REALLY good match!

What kind of upgrade do you think Shu and Spriggan will get in Beyblade Burst Sparking? Will Spriggan be another top-tier Bey as soon as it's released? We're pretty sure we have never seen Lord Spriggan burst in an official battle ever since its release, so will the newest addition perform similarly in the near future?

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