BH Opening feat- Exkaisers (Concept for adaptation of Machine Robo Battlehackers)

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Hey guys. Here's a little concept that I would like to show to Hasbro if they want to adapt Machine Robo Battlehackers. Like VR Troopers,I thought of an idea of mixing two different animes into one kinda like Voltron in its heyday. This time,it's with Brave Exkaiser. Why that show? Nothing huge happens with some robots aside from some things like Dragon Kaiser getting the Kaiser Sword in Ep. 31 of his show and Great Exkaiser and the final ep. but nothing too grand. So here's my idea for this show.

Machine Robo Battlehackers vs Kaisers

A sequel to Machine Robo Revenge of Cronos. On a planet known as Electro Planet B-1,the planet and its inhabitants,the Argos are under attack by the terrorist army known as Gurendos who would want nothing but to purge the planet under the rule of their lord known as Dylan. Those who oppose him,the Machine Robos aren't enough but one team strong enough to bring down their guerilla forces known as the Battlehackers,rough,tumble,rude but tough enough to take them down. Another team,the special forces appointed by the Argos central Computer - RIM and the council called Kaisers,uphold the law and best interests of the public of Argos whilst keeping to their ideals but dislike the Battlehackers due to their rashness but will join forces if needed.

Not known to our heroes,Gurendos will hire more threats to help them in their conquest. The bounty hunters known as the Geisters who not only want their pay but will also do anything to spread their breed of chaos wherever they go. Lead by Dinogeist,he has a history against Exkaiser and will use any means to take him and anyone who pursues justice down to the brink of the underworld. Among the chaos,a spaceship from our planet reaches the planet B-1 and 5 teens of the exploration ship 'Good Luck' will survive any ordeal and fight alongside the Machine Robos of B-1 and find a way to get back to Earth.

The future is now!
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