Builds Character - "Jeff the Firbolg Cleric" - With Lauren "Oboe" Urban

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Todd Kenreck and Lauren Urban create 'Jeff the Firbolg Cleric' using D&D Beyond's Character Builder.

Watch Builds Character live at 12pm PT on Thursdays to join Todd and guests as they create new and unique characters.

Check out the finished "Jeff Jeff Jeffries McJefferson" on D&D Beyond:

Build your own D&D characters using the D&D Beyond Character Builder:

Todd Kenreck is a host and Creative Manager for D&D Beyond, as well as the DM of Beyond Heroes and Avren in Silver & Steel. Follow him on Twitter:

Lauren "Oboe" Urban is a professional oboist and community manager for D&D Beyond. She is the Dungeon Master of @DungeonDrunks, Orkira on Beyond Heroes, Cally on Silver & Steel, and Roc on Demonplague. Follower her on Twitter:

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