CK2 3.1 Great Works - The Reconquista #1 - Catalonia Shall Rise

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Catalonia and Iberia shall rise! We will fight our way through the Reconquista, changing alliances, bad decisions by myself and of course the costs of building a Great Work! Join me in the struggle to become a grand power that shall never be forgotten.

About the Great Works update: The world’s favorite medieval grand strategy role-playing experience was updated today with Great Works, a new upgrade to Crusader Kings II. This update, free to all Crusader Kings II players, allows you to relive the era of cathedrals by investing your royal power in building great feats of architecture and wonders that will increase the prestige of all who build them.

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The Dark Ages might be drawing to a close, but Europe is still in turmoil. Petty lords vie against beleaguered kings who struggle to assert control over their fragmented realms. The Pope calls for a Crusade to protect the Christians in the Holy Land even as he refuses to relinquish control over the investiture of bishops - and their riches. Now is the time for greatness. Expand your demesne and secure the future of your dynasty. Fill your coffers, appoint vassals, root out traitors and heretics, introduce laws and interact with hundreds of nobles, each with their own agenda.
A good lord will always need friends to support him. But beware, as loyal vassals can quickly turn to bitter rivals, and some might not be as reliable as they seem... Stand ready, and increase your prestige until the world whispers your name in awe. Do you have what it takes to become a Crusader King?
Crusader Kings II explores one of the defining periods in world history in an experience crafted by the masters of Grand Strategy. Medieval Europe is brought to life in this epic game of knights, schemes, and thrones...

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