Dota Underlords Best Builds of the Week! [New Meta] [August 2019]

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In this weekly series, Alex breaks down the BEST DOTA UNDERLORDS BUILDS in the current meta! This week, the 9-Hero Elusive build is the build to beat!

Another week, another shift in the meta! Elusives are in, with Assassins coming on strong as well. These builds are effective and will help you rank up. Below are links to each build, so that you can play around with the positioning and test their general strategy. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments!

Build #1 - "9-Hero Elusives"
Build #2 - "Stun City"

Build #3 - "Knights 'n Locks"

Build #4: "Savage Assassins"

Build #5: "Beastmaster Memes"

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