Dragon Lord (Hard Difficulty, No Damage) - Trials of Mana

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Dragon Lord (Hard Difficulty, No Damage) - Trials of Mana
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Final boss of the Dragon Lord route's final gauntlet, Dragon Lord, of #TrialsOfMana done on #HardDifficulty with #NoDamage suffered.
Pretty easy fight, to be honest. But he didn't get to use any of his more "troublesome" attacks, so all is good. ;)
Quite enjoyable, though!
Thanks for every Like ???? and Subscription! :)

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Thanks for watching my Trials of Mana Let's Play! I'm playing this game on a PS4 Pro, but you can also get it on PC or Nintendo Switch. I really liked the original game and have been eagerly awaiting this reamke ever since it was announced. Really excited to finally be able to play it! This video series will feature my full playthrough of the game, from the very beginnings all the way to the Platinum Trophy. If you are fan of the game or just want to check out if it suites your tastes, why not stick around for the full series?

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When the world was shrouded in darkness, the Goddess of Mana drew forth the Sword of Mana to smite the eight Benevodons, monsters of destruction. She sealed the horrors inside the eight Mana Stones, bringing the realm back from the brink. Weakened from rebuilding the world, the Goddess changed herself into a tree and fell into a deep sleep for many years. However, the forces of evil soon sought to free the Benevodons to gain control of the world. They started a terrible war to further their plot and destabilize the kingdoms. Peace was at an end. Mana itself began to disappear from the world and the Mana Tree started to
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Name: Trials of Mana
Developer: SquareEnix
Publisher: SquareEnix
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC
Purchase on PS4:
Release Date: April 24th, 2020

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Dragon lord gameplay

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