Efreeti Lord Djarn Solo - Nagafen's Lair Enchanter Dungeon Crawl - Everquest Project99

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In today's dungeon crawl, I hit up Nagafen's Lair. This is one of the end game zones in Classic Everquest and home of the dragon boss Nagafen. I haven't crawled this zone in the past and honestly also haven't grouped here much.

In this crawl, I focus on taking down Efreeti Lord Djarn. He's one of the toughest mobs in the game for even an experienced group. As you'll see in the crawl, the toughest part about the mob is getting to him and the room he's a part of.

In the end though, I enjoyed this crawl quite a bit. The dungeon was tough and the fight is quite rewarding.
Dragon lord обзор

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