Game-Dragon Nest INA-5 mei 2019-Oracle Elder(N0ob PlaYer UsInG WeAk ClaSs) PVP

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Newly born Channel
I do games~
First time doing this Youtube video thing xD
Im playing Oracle Elder(I main Ripper btw) known as the "WEAKEST" class in Dragon nest and now I understand why.
welp, im recording using PC at my Village net cafe...their PC is not really good to record stuff... resulting a lot of lag and freeze but i have to make do from what I got. though that some of the video was not lagged, idk if it because of Recording app that I use,aside from that hope you enjoy the Video.
Oracle EldervsGuardian,Lunar Knight,Guardian,Dark Avenger,Gladiator.

Recording APP:

im not really good at english so do forgive me for my lacking xD
I don't own any music . the theme music were shown on the video.

INA Server :
Dragon lord гайд

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