How To Setup Retroarch For 3DO Emulation

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I highly recommend playing 3DO games with a SNES/Playstation style controller. Or you can try to be more authentic with the use of a Sega Saturn style controller like the newly released 8bitdo m30. you can grab one for yourself using my affiliate links below!

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The 3DO is a fascinating console that ultimately failed to gain an audience due to its insane sale price of $700 at launch. despite its high price point, many developers flocked to its idea on low licensing fees. The 3DO is host to over 100 games many of which are the best versions of some 90's classics like Need for Speed, Road Rash or Gex. The 3DO is also home to terrible ports and an unusual amount of AO products. Today's tutorial will show you how to get 3DO emulation up and running in Retroarch using the 4DO Retroarch core!

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