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Watch the next epic series of battle from How To Train Your Dragon 2. Every dragons from How To Train Your Dragon 2 must participate in this tournament. But only one will come as a winner.
This is the third and the last part of How To Train Your Dragon 2 - Tournament Battles.

From Toothless, to Eruptodon, to Shadow Wing, to Purple Death and Cavern Crasher. The final battle is indeed very epic

Made by using SPORE.
Music from Monster Hunter Series.

00:17 Triple Stryke vs Skrill
02:15 Night Fury vs Silver Phantom
04:36 Armorwing vs Slithersong
06:34 Singetail vs Dramillion
08:48 Grim Gnasher vs Sentinel
11:19 Buffalord vs Eruptodon
13:24 Shadow Wing vs Purple Death
15:33 Shellfire vs Submaripper
17:55 Sandbuster vs Silkspanner
20:15 Cavern Crasher vs Slitherwing
23:12 Windgnasher vs Windwalker
25:03 Gobsucker vs Egg Biter
27:34 Night Fury vs Triple Stryke
29:41 Singetail vs Slithersong
31:40 Eruptodon vs Sentinel
33:38 Purple Death vs Submaripper
35:34 Cavern Crasher vs Silkspanner
37:10 Windwalker vs Egg Biter
38:47 Night Fury vs Singetail
41:17 Eruptodon vs Purple Death
43:19 Cavern Crasher vs Egg Biter
45:00 Night Fury vs Egg Biter
46:51 Toothless vs Purple Death Part 1
50:03 Toothless (and Light Fury) vs Purple Death Part 2
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