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Prince Baelon Targaryen, also known as the Spring Prince, for the season of his birth, and the Brave, was a member of House Targaryen and was the fourth born child of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen and Queen Alysanne Targaryen. He had three sons himself, Princes Viserys, Daemon and Aegon. Baelon was a dragon rider whose mount was Vhagar.

Baelon was born in 57 AC two days after the start of spring had been announced by the Citadel. As such, he was dubbed the Spring Prince. Baelon was named after Baelon Targaryen, who had ruled as Lord of Dragonstone before Aegon's Conquest. The year after his birth, Baelon was present at the tourney at King's Landing on the anniversary of Jaehaerys's coronation.

Baelon admired his older brother Aemon growing up. As soon as Baelon could walk, he began following Aemon around everywhere he went. When Aemon began training at arms with a wooden sword, Baelon was deemed to be too young to join. Regardless, Baelon brought a stick to the yard and began whacking at Aemon. Baelon and Aemon would become very close, training together at arms every day in spirited contests which drew large crowds of spectators.

The first time Baelon visited the Dragonpit, he hit Balerion on the snout, causing Ser Samgood of the Kingsguard to remark that he was either brave or mad. Ever since Baelon was also known as Baelon the Brave.

In 72 AC Baelon took part in a squires melee during a tourney held to celebrate Lord Darklyn's wedding, in which he was defeated by Aemon. Baelon won his spurs the following year, at the age of sixteen, taking part in a tourney at Old Oak, entering the lists as a mystery knight called the Silver Fool. Baelon unhorsed Lord Rowan, Ser Alyn Ashford, two knights from House Fossoway and Lord Oakheart's heir, Ser Denys, before falling to Ser Rickard Redwyne. Ser Rickard helped him to his feet, unmasked him, and knighted him on the spot. Prince Baelon remained at Old Oak only for the feast. Afterward, he returned to King's Landing, where he became a dragon rider by claiming the dragon Vhagar.

In 92 AC, Prince Aemon was slain on Tarth by one of the Myrish exiles who occupied the eastern part of the isle. Baelon flew on Vhagar to Tarth to avenge his brother and fought against the exiles with Dark Sister. He was cheered by crowds when he returned to King's Landing.

Baelon was named Prince of Dragonstone and heir to the throne by King Jaehaerys after Aemon's death, ahead of Aemon's daughter and heir, Princess Rhaenys. In 100 AC, Baelon was named Hand of the King, replacing Ser Ryam Redwyne of the Kingsguard.

In 101 AC, Baelon complained of a stitch in his side during a hunting trip. The pain worsened after he returned to King's Landing, and he eventually became bedridden in the Tower of the Hand. After five days of illness, Baelon died of a burst belly. His funeral pyre was personally lit by his father, King Jaehaerys.

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