Let's Play Rise Of The Tomb Raider Part 3 : Wardrobe Malfunction

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Welcome to part 3 of my new Rise of the Tomb Raider series. As you know, i am taking a break from Fallout 4 because its such a large game so it's difficult to record much of it. Anyways, in this episode we get into more Siberian combat after discovering a Cold War Soviet Installation that is occupied by Trinity. We have some decent enemies to take down and we get a new friend after getting out of there. Also we find another tomb/ruin to raid along with me getting sidetracked on the main objective. I hope you enjoy the video, please leave a like and subscribe if you did.

I created a youtube channel discord, might not be very good but if you enjoy and want to shoot me some ideas or something, join my discord and i can even do Q&A videos if i have enough people.

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