Optimizing for Progression - RAID: Shadow Legends

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Sorry this video of RAID: Shadow Legends is a bit rushed. I'm trying to make it for WoW Classic on Launch so that I can live my teens all over again!
Optimization you need to know are:
Helmet/weapon/shield DO NOT MATTER as long as they are 5 stars in the set bonus you are going for ( I recommend life steal as the set you get for these 3 pieces)
Boots: 5 star Speed as primary stat boots. (Color does not matter, it really does not until you have the luxury of picking aka dragon level 20)
Chest and Gloves: You want them to be 5 star and 1 of the 2 to have HP% and the opposite to have Def% as the PRIMARY STAT. You need these primary stats in order to progress through the content because things start to hit incredibly hard the more you progress through the content.
I'm not calling Darth Micro out, he's a great YouTuber, but the reason I use him as an example is because he prefers crit % on his gloves and he made a video about 1-2 weeks ago and said he just then started to auto clear dragon 20. I will state that I've been farming dragon 20 on auto for like 2 months now all because I use my basic formula of durability vs glass cannon/raw damage builds. That should speak volumes to you that it actually works. Again, there shouldn't be any drama about who is better or who does what, it should be used as a learning lesson so that you can compare the differences between damage vs durability in Raid: Shadow Legends.
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