Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - How to Get RETURN Ending - Step by Step Guide

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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice How to Get Return Ending (Complete Step by Step Guide). Unlocking the Return Ending also grants the "Dragon's Homecoming" trophy or achievement.

Due to YouTube's character limit in video descriptions I couldn't fit everything in here. I made an in-depth text guide on my website so if you are unsure about any point refer to this:

Below is the shortened version.

Step 1: When talking to Owl pick his 2nd dialogue "Break the Iron Code, Stay Loyal to Kuro". Then kill Great Shinobi Owl.

Step 2: Eat 3 rice from Child in Inner Sanctum (eat it, travel away, come back).

Step 3: When she gets sick and wants Persimmon buy it from merchant at Shugendo idol (Senpou Temple).

Step 4: Feed the Persimmon to the Divine Child at Inner Sanctum to heal her. Then she gives you "Rice for Kuro".

Step 5: Give the "Rice for Kuro" to the Divine Heir Kuro. He's in "Kuro's Room" in Ashina Castle. He'll say "I'll make something nice for you. You'll have to wait and see".

Step 6: Fast travel away (e.g. Dilapidated Temple) and return to Kuro. He gives you "Sweet Rice Ball".

Step 7: Consume the "Sweet Rice Ball" that you got from Kuro (inventory item).

Step 8: Talk to Divine Child at Inner Sanctum again. She'll ask "Did you give the rice to the Divine Heir?" and you'll tell her of the Sweet Rice he made and that you ate it.

Step 9: Get key item "Holy Chapter: Infested" and give it to Divine Child. It's found in the pond (underwater) at Temple Grounds idol where 2 treasure carp are swimming.

Step 10: Giving "Holy Chapter: Infested" to Divine Child, fast travel back and forth until she's gone from Inner Sanctum. Talk to her in Halls of Illusion where you fought Folding Screen Monkeys boss.

Step 11: Get "Holy Chapter Dragon's Return". It's in the dark cave after main hall idol in Senpou Temple region.

Step 12: Get "Fresh Serpent Viscera" by killing the Serpent in Senpou Temple.

Step 13: Get "Dried Serpent Viscera" by killing the Serpent in Sunken Valley.

Step 14: Deliver the two Serpent Viscera to Divine Child at Inner Sanctum.

Step 15: Travel away and back to Inner Sanctum. The door will be closed. Eavesdrop on the door to hear the child eating the Viscera.

Step 16: Travel to Kuro's Room. Exhaust all dialogues with Kuro (you might have done this already, if so skip to next step).

Step 17: Fast travel back to the Inner Sanctum. The door should now be unlocked. Talk to the Divine Child once more and she gives you the key item "Frozen Tears".

Step 18: Defeat endboss Sword Saint Isshin. Give Dragon's Tears + Frozen Tears to Kuro after the endboss to get the secret RETURN ending.

See how to get all other Endings here:


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