Star Lord VS Rust Lord! Dance Off Battle in FORTNITE! (Short Film) Fortnite Battle Royale

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Star Lord Battles Rust Lord to a DANCE OFF! in Fortnite! there can only be one lord in the realm of fortnite... who do you like best? hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching (Dance off emote) Star lord skin | Rust Lord skin

all rights to song owners, video is not monitized
I DON't Own these songs,for entertainment purpose ONLY!

**All Songs In Order**

Zombie Raiders - Wave Saver [Electro Music]

Main Theme - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Blue Swede - Hooked on a Feeling

Noisestorm - Crab Rave [Monstercat Release]

Rupert Holmes - Escape (The Piña Colada Song)

Migos – Bad & Boujee (Aylen & DIV/IDE Remix)

Guardians Of The Galaxy OST - "Come And Get Your Love"

The Last Dragon / The Glow / Willie Hutch

Guardians Of The Galaxy: "O-O- H Child" - Official Soundtrack

Outro Song:

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Dragon lord gameplay

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