Trials of Mana Remake - Mondoragon - Nintendo Switch Gameplay - Episode 38

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Trials of Mana Remake - Angela Playthrough Nintendo Switch Gameplay - Episode 38

SPOILERS AHEAD if you have not played the demo. This episode shows gameplay beyond the demo.

The Dragon Lord is one of the three main villains from Trials of Mana, along with the Masked Mage and the Dark Majesty. He serves as the main villain and final boss in Duran and Angela's storylines. He has the same goal as the other two main villains: steal the power of the Sword of Mana, release the eight Benevodons, and take their powers as well to become a god. His intent afterwords is to create a world of suffering and chaos. He spends most of the game in a humanoid form. His true form is a traditional dragon, and is by far the largest boss in the game - it is so large that his whole body isn't even seen on screen. In the remake, his dragon form has the name Mondoragon.

Trials of Mana is the 3D remake of the hit classic RPG released in 1995 as Seiken Densetsu 3.

This daring tale of overcoming the tests of fate has been given new life! Experience the beloved adventure fully modernized with graphic improvements, character voiceover support, a remastered soundtrack and a new episode which you can experience after the ending, in addition to an ability system and a new class that reconstructs the character levelling system plus more active battles!

This overlapping story of interwoven destinies changes depending on who you choose as your main character and companions! Will these young adventurers be able to use the power of mana to save the world from the brink of destruction?


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Dragon lord gameplay

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