Ultra Instinct Goku Defeated and Vegeta Returns - Dragon Ball Super 2 Manga Chapter 60

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Vegeta Stronger Than Goku in Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 60

Merus and Whis notice that Goku does not follow the initial plan and begins to use his full power against Moro who does the same. Moro is pushed back during their confrontation After Goku has thrown a few shots at Moro, Moro returns to the fight. Observing the full power of Goku, Moro concludes that he will surely win.

On the planet of Beerus: Merus is worried about whether Goku can maintain the Ultra Instinct Sign like this. But Whis even wonders if Goku could have put Moro at the wall with the first plan while preserving his energy. Merus underestimated the extent of Moro's power. Goku also notes this and bet everything on his full power. The Saiyans being known to release all their power and even their hidden power when they are at the foot of the wall ... especially Goku and Vegeta .

On Yardrat: Vegeta managed to use a certain technique and left lots of small Yardrats on the ground, having no energy left.

Back on Earth, Goku is pushed to his limits by Moro. Goku is very frustrated and increases his power again, but collapses on the ground. Whis realizes there will probably be no miracle this time. Angels have nothing to say. At the end, Whis reminds Merus not to forget it. Merus just replies "… Yes. "
Goku is once again thrown to Earth and loses the Ultra Instinct. While Moro is ready to absorb the energy of Goku, C17 and C18 intervene. C18 tells him that if he wants to absorb vital energy, Moro can try to take theirs. Moro is surprised that Earth has the technology to create artificial humans.

Vegeta Uses Instant Transmission and come back to earth and tells Goku that he learned a technique on a whole new level. Then he asks C17 and
C18 to swap places with him. Vegeta and Moro chat a bit, Vegeta asking him if he enjoyed fighting the weakest.
Vegeta then turns into Super Saiyan Blue, confident, telling Moro that "Someone stronger than you has arrived!" "
The fight between Vegeta and Moro can begin!

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